‘Jawan’ Collection Day 1 – A Blockbuster Start at the Box Office

Jawan Collection Day 1

Welcome to Filmosity, where we’re here to talk about the sensational ‘Jawan’ collection on Day 1! Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ finally hit theaters on September 7, and boy, did it make some noise at the box office.

‘Jawan Collection Day 1’ – Breaking Records!

On its opening day, ‘Jawan’ not only met but exceeded expectations by achieving a staggering Jawan collection Day 1 of Rs 74.50 crore in India. This remarkable achievement solidifies ‘Jawan’ as a potential record-breaker.

But that’s not all! ‘Jawan’ didn’t just dominate the Indian box office. It roared on the global stage too, with a worldwide Jawan collection Day 1 of Rs 129.06 crore. This impressive figure makes ‘Jawan’ the biggest opener in Bollywood history.

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‘Jawan Box Office Collection’ Goes International

The success of ‘Jawan’ wasn’t limited to India. The movie’s Jawan box office collection made waves internationally as well:

  • Australia: ‘Jawan’ grossed AUD 400,000 on its opening day, becoming the first Indian film to top the Australian box office.
  • New Zealand: The film made its mark as the #1 movie in New Zealand, earning NZ$ 79,805 (Rs 39.13 lakh).
  • Germany: ‘Jawan’ kicked off its journey at the #3 spot in Germany with a fantastic Rs 1.30 crore.
  • North America, UK, and Canada: Audiences in these regions also showed immense love for ‘Jawan,’ making it a global sensation.

What PVR INOX Limited Has to Say

Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX Limited, shared his excitement about the overwhelming response to ‘Jawan.’ He believes that ‘Jawan’ not only has the potential to be the biggest film of the year but also to boost the overall cinema ecosystem.

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Jawan Movie Collection – A Box Office Triumph

In summary, ‘Jawan’ had an explosive start with its remarkable Jawan collection Day 1, proving that it’s not just a movie but a box office phenomenon. The international success of ‘Jawan’ is a testament to its wide appeal and the star power of Shah Rukh Khan.

Stay tuned to Filmosity for more updates on ‘Jawan movie collection’ and all the latest buzz from the world of cinema!

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