February 29, 2024

Top 10 Hottest Indian Web Series: To Watch Online

Hottest Indian Web Series

As we all know, the trend of watching movies & shows online has reached a very high level. Because of this, many web series & online shows are released weekly. The value of ott platforms like netflix, amazon prime, MX player, hotstar has increased much. Today, we are getting web series & online shows of every genre.

Top 10 Hottest Indian Web Series:

So, today we will be sharing about the hottest web series released in India till now. All hottest indian web series come in adult genre and for 18+ people.

1. Gandi Baat (Released on Altbalaji app) 

Gandi Baat is one of the hottest indian web series. Till now, 6 seasons of ‘Gandi Baat’ web series have been released.  Each season has a new twist and a different story. The main concept of the series is based on murder mysteries under the genre of an erotic thriller. You can see the web series on the Altbalaji app. 

Rajni Kaand (Released on Cine Prime app)

Rajni Kaand is also a very hot series. It is the best web series of the Cine Prime app. This series is a big reason for the popularity of the Cine Prime app. Till now, 2 seasons of this web series are available on the platform. The audience loved both the seasons and the series got a very good fame so far. Rajni Kaand is a story of a housewife named Rajni whose husband loses his job. So, Rajni joins an office to run her house. The office boss starts liking Rajni and makes her his secretary. Watch the series if you want to know more.

3. Mastram (Released on MX player)

Mastram was released on MX player in 2019. It is one of the hottest web series. The best thing about this series is, you can watch it for free on MX player. The series ‘Mastram’ is based on storywriter named “Rajaram”. He is a good writer but people do not like his story much. Also, no publisher agreed to print his report. After this, Rajaram changed his name to Mastram and he started writing erotic and romantic stories. To see what happened next, you should watch the series.

4. Charamsukh Jane Anjane Mein (Released on Ullu app)

‘Charamsukh Jane Anjane Mein’ is one of the most watched web series of the Ullu app. This series is a part of Ullu’s famous franchise, Charamsukh. It is based on the love story of a father in law and daughter in law. 

5. Charamsukh Chawl House (Released on Ullu app)

It is the second best series of the ullu app. Actress “Sneha Paul” played the leading role in this web series and she became a star overnight. So far, 3 seasons of the web series have been released and all the seasons are superhit. This series is a story of a chawl in Mumbai where a woman named Renu lives with her family. One day, the cousin of Renu’s husband comes to their house to stay for a few days. Renu and her husband’s cousin start loving each other and fulfilling their sexual desires.

6. Yes Mam 2023 (Released on Hunter App)

Yes Mam 2023 is the first web series of Hunter app. This series is the biggest reason that the Hunter app has become a favorite of many audiences. People also liked this series very much. This series is a story of a modern college where a new biology teacher comes. This woman teacher is very hot and sexy. Because of this reason, all the boys get crazy about the teacher. Watch the series if you want to know what will happen next.

7. Mrs Teacher 2022 (Released on Primeshots)

Mrs Teacher is a very famous web series of the Primeshots app. Three seasons of the series have come till now. Every season is loved by the audience. The series is based on the story of a boy named Rohit. He is not able to perform well in school. His father decides to send him to private tuition. Then he starts going to the teacher’s house named Sabina. She trains Rohit in such a way that he starts performing well in school.

8. Mami No.1 (Released on Cine Prime)

Mami No.1 is also a very famous web series available on Cine Prime app. The story of the series is based on a boy named Rinku who lives with his parents. One day Rinku’s parents go out of town for a few days. To take care of Rinku, his mami stays at his house. Rinku starts liking his mami and starts fulfilling his sexual desires with her. To know more, watch the series.

9. Palangtod Siskiyan (Released on Ullu)

Palangtod Siskiyan is among the top web series of the Ullu app. Till now, 3 seasons of this series have come. People loved every season.

This story is based on the woman named Renu and her father in law. Renu’s father in law meets with an accident and gets paralyzed. So Renu starts taking care of him and also gets into a physical relationship with him.

10. Doraha 2023 (Ullu Web Series)

In recent times, It is one of the best web series. It is available on the Ullu app. The series story is based on Ratna and Shekhar, who are a newly married couple. On the day of their honeymoon, Shekhar leaves Ratna and goes to another city. Shekhar’s family members come to know about this in the morning. Ratna also is shocked to hear this. To know the rest of the story, watch this series.

So, these were the 10 hottest web series of India. Each series is entertaining and has a different story. We hope that you liked our content.

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